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Motor Vehicle Engineering 

If you have a real passion for Motor Vehicle/Engineering, then the courses we offer might be just what you are looking for. We can offer you the chance to achieve a worldwide recognised IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) qualification that will enhance your chances of landing a job in a career that you will enjoy:


The skills you will learn are:

  • How to service and maintain Braking systems
  • How to service and maintain Steering systems
  • How to service and maintain Suspension systems
  • How to service and maintain Engine systems
  • How to check, service, maintain Cooling System Components
  • How to check, service and maintain Lubrication systems
  • How to service and maintain Transmission systems
  • How to carry out routine Vehicle Servicing
  • How to check, service, maintain Wheels & Tyres
  • How to check, service, maintain Exhaust systems


Possible career paths in Motor Vehicle:

  • Apprentice Vehicle Technician
  • Vehicle Technician
  • Vehicle Examiner/MOT Tester
  • Senior Technician
  • Workshop Controller
  • Body Repair Technician
  • Vehicle Refinisher Technician
  • Parts Adviser
  • Valetor
  • Autoglazing Technician
  • Vehicle Sales Person
  • Parts and Sales Manager
  • Customer Service Adviser
  • Receptionist


The automotive industry is a major industrial and economic force worldwide. It makes 60 million cars and trucks a year, and they are responsible for almost half the world's consumption of oil. The industry employs 4 million people directly, and many more indirectly. Pursuing a career in the automotive industry can be a rewarding way to work hands-on with vehicles and technology. If you are considering a career in the motor vehicle industry these qualifications will help you as an introduction and a stepping stone to a level 2 programme or apprenticeship.

Intent -  For pupils to receive a high-quality MVE education through a curriculum which:

  • ensures all students fully understand the need to work safely at all times and use all PPE and safety equipment provided. Prior to commencing any practical tasks, unit L1MV01 Health and Safety in the Workplace MUST be completed to ensure students have grasped the necessary skills and mindset to avoid risk of injuries to themselves and others. 
  • explores career opportunities through discussion during practical and theory sessions. Students are made aware of alternative career opportunities which at present ACB do not deliver, e.g. Body and Paint technician, mobile windscreen repairs or replacement, wheel and tyre replace or refurbishment, breakdown recovery, SMART repairs etc.
  • enables students to become competent in the fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Engineering through varied and frequent practice so that they develop technical understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.
  • develops students’ ability to work methodically and safely, helps to develop an appreciation of the variety and complexity of Motor Vehicle Engineering and  a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.
  • allows students to diagnose and solve problems by applying their knowledge to a variety of problems with increasing sophistication
  • develops students’ confidence in their ability so they are able to express themselves and their ideas mechanically and reach their potential.


  • Detailed Schemes of Learning contain a wide variety of resources, activities and rich tasks which facilitate consistently high quality lessons being delivered by all teachers of Motor Vehicle Engineering
  • Students are appropriately challenged, but are able to make progress and achieve success at various levels.
  • The focus is on developing a good understanding of the skills and knowledge taught rather than giving a routine to follow.
  • Regular assessments are used to check that each student is gaining knowledge and progression is being made. These assessments allow tutors to give feedback to all students so they are able to reflect on their progress and identify areas of weakness that require further development.


At the end of their Motor Vehicle Engineering education at ACB, we expect students to:

  • Perform basic mechanical engineering skills confidently and competently; Work at all times to the best of their ability.
  • Understand and work through any problems they may encounter in daily life.
  • Reason clearly and logically, and to set out rational arguments to solve problems in a diverse range of situations.
  • Be able to reach their full potential in motor vehicle engineering and be ready to embrace new technology that surrounds this industry and be ready to think outside of the box.

Careers Subject Statement: 

There are many varied and interesting career routes within Motor Vehicle. Listed below are just some of the possible careers available. Some of these career routes are highlighted to give a brief  insight as to what the role entails.

  • Automotive Trainer
  • MOT Vehicle Tester
  • Light Vehicle Service Technician
  • Roadside Assistance Technician
  • Tyre Technician
  • Parts Advisor
  • Sales Executive
  • Motorsport Technician
  • Auto Electrician
  • Customer Service Advisor
  • Warranty Advisor
  • Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Technician
  • Dealer Principal
  • Glazing Technician
  • Vehicle Valeter

Automotive Trainer

Automotive Trainers are responsible for training and teaching students or adult learners both the theory and practical knowledge that they need in order to pass certain qualifications or to do their jobs effectively.

Light Vehicle Service Technician

Light Vehicle Service Technicians service and repair vehicles such as cars and vans up to 3.5 tonnes. Technicians are trained in all areas of vehicle mechanics and electronics, from engine and exhaust systems to air conditioning and security features.

Tyre Technicians

Tyre Technicians replace tyres when they are worn, damaged or faulty.

Customer Service Advisor 

A Customer Service Advisor deals directly with customers, scheduling service work to their vehicles and informing them of any additional repairs required. They will handle administrative and customer relations aspects of service department operations.

Motorsport Technician

A Motorsport Technician specialises in maintaining and repairing motor sport vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. Motorsport Technicians will often find themselves in a racing environment and are expected to be at the forefront of the track, ready to work on any unexpected problems during the race, or carry out quick checks between laps.

There are many other career options in Motor Vehicle, Body and Paint, Breakdown Recovery, Mobile Repairs including: Wheel Refurbishment, Dents and Scratches Repairs, Tyre Replacement, Vehicle Servicing etc.