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Ethos and Values

The Academy of Central Bedfordshire exists to make a positive difference to each of our students. We do this by recognising everyone as an individual and providing a personalised approach to their education to enable them to learn, mature and thrive. This is reinforced through our mission statement:

The ACB is a school where we are all happy and safe, where we develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually and where everyone refines their talents and skills allowing them to transition successfully to the next stage of their life.”

Our school values are designed to identify attributes that will enable us to lead meaningful lives and RISE UP to the challenges we all face in our lives.

We want to develop the desire and ability to take on Responsibility for ourselves and others, to be able to use our Initiative when confronted with a difficulty, to strive for and celebrate our own Success and that of others, to recognise the importance of Equality of opportunity in achieving fairness for all. To develop an Understanding of ourselves and be able to appreciate other perspectives and have a pleasing and attractive manner of dealing with people and situations through developing our Personability skills

We have established a successful range of partnerships with our commissioning schools, Central Bedfordshire Council and neighbouring local authorities, local and national businesses, charities and community organisations for the benefit of the children in our care. These partnerships provide additional support and opportunities for our students and help to inspire them to become active learners and valued members of the community. We work hard to involve parents, carers and those who are already supporting our children and young people. Our entire team is passionate about removing barriers to learning for our students and absolutely committed to helping them transform their lives.