The Academy of Central Bedfordshire

  1. Curriculum
  2. Subject Areas
  3. Humanities



  • To ensure we are producing individuals that have an interest and awareness of the world around them.  
  • To develop pupils that exhibit independence and resilience in their approach to an engaging and challenging curriculum.  
  • Our aim is for all pupils to be able to enjoy and flourish in humanities throughout their time at ACB. 


  • Through the teaching strategies used, we are trying to develop independent learning skills that can be applied across the curriculum.  ∙ Our focus is to further develop an enquiry led curriculum, this will be achieved through a knowledge-rich curriculum.  
  • Skill development will weave throughout the schemes of learning in order for pupils to utilise the opportunity to then apply these skills with the  knowledge they have acquired.  
  • Assessment will be monitored through regular moderation, learning walks, sharing of best practice and PM observations. 
  • CPD to develop subject knowledge  is regularly considered and discussed.  


  • Building knowledge in history and geography so that pupils have an understanding of the world around them and the context of our history.  
  • Developing the necessary skills for KS4 and developing engagement across the subject. 
  • This impact is further supported by the extracurricular activities we have in place to engage with the wider world.