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If you are a person who has a keen interest in childcare and the development of young people , we will be able to support you with the underpinning knowledge that you will need to develop your skill set. Our lessons are designed and delivered with a selection of both theory tasks and practical tasks, to allow you to secure skills and attributes that can lead you into the world of childcare and support.

The skills that you will learn are :

  • How to support babies and young people to play 
  • Craft activities to help babies growth development 
  • Healthy eating for young people 
  • Sharing learning experiences through play 
  • Creating a healthy menu for families 
  • Science activities for young people 
  • How to communicate effectively with babies 
  • Practical health and safety 

Possible career paths could be :

  • Working in a nursery or childcare setting 
  • Youth worker 
  • Play therapist
  • Childminder
  • Teaching assistant 
  • Health play specialist

Working within childcare can be very rewarding. Once you have gained a Level 1 qualification , you can then proceed to a Level 2 and then a Level 3. There are various different places that you could obtain employment including nurseries, schools or within a youth worker provision. You will be able to support children and young people effectively.


Childcare Curriculum Plan 


  • Childcare will deliver a level 1 qualification to enable students to progress within the childcare sector .
  • We will look at different units of childcare that will give the students an awareness of how to become a competent childcare practitioner .
  • Learning about growth and development of young children through respecting and valuing children .
  • This subject will improve students' awareness of the needs of younger children and how they may have many different complex needs , making them aware of their social and emotional needs.


  • All learners will complete a baseline assessment at the start of each new unit
  • The childcare department will deliver the childcare programme through City and Guilds and we currently offer a Level 1 award , certificate  and diploma (SoW. KS3 Program)
  • We will register all the learners before their first assessment and this can depend on the start dates and attendance 
  • Each student will have a individual tracker so that we can evidence progress 
  • Learners will be assessed on theory and tasks once they feel confident  to do so. 
  • Pupils will receive meaningful feedback during lessons and written work will be marked within two weeks


  • At the end of their time at the ACB  the students will be able to understand the skills necessary to help a child develop and have the minimum of a Level 1 Award in childcare , and be able to use these skills towards becoming a Early Years worker.