The Academy of
Central Bedfordshire

Teacher Appreciation Day, May 9, 2018

Wednesday May 9 was Teacher Appreciation Day and students at The ACB were asked to write a few lines about staff that make a difference to their lives. It was lovely to read some of the comments which are detailed below.

‘Miss V, because she listens…’

‘Mr C because he is chilled out and relaxed and if I’m not in a good mood he will always understand’

‘Miss C because she is kind and helps me through my time here’

‘Mr M because he is calm and fair to students even if others don’t realise it’

‘Mr B, he makes lessons fun and enjoyable’

‘Miss A and Miss C are lovely people, they help me a lot’

‘Miss C inspires me to behave. She spends time with me in the morning before my school day starts.’

This letter one student wrote sums up exactly what we hope to achieve.


Dear Miss M,

I want to thank you for helping me and supporting me throughout the time I have been at ACB. Not only have you taught me things in English I didn’t know before but you have also taught me other things like;

How to treat other people, that there is more to life than my violent music and that life is too short to spend it misbehaving and I should just knuckle down and do what is right for me. Because of you, I’m leaving this school in two days to return to mainstream. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye but I know it’s best for me.

Thank you so much for everything…

Student L