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Stotfold students –¬†English Work KS3

Year 8

3 Passages – Correction

Alphabet Quiz Worksheet

Cloze Exercise

Describing a Person

Year 9

Guncrime Worksheet

Our or Are Worksheet

Of or Off Worksheet

Year 10

Functional Skills 2 Worksheets

Functional Skills Worksheets


Patterns and sequences:


Stotfold students – Work can be found in the Google Classroom. Students have received an email inviting them to join the classroom.


Stotfold students (Year 10 & 11)

Percentage Change RAG

Percentage change PixiPPt

Percentages of Amounts written

Percentages of Amounts low

Percentages Multiplier Matching Cards



Stotfold students

Science Work Year 10 and KS3

The students are researching endangered animals. They should look on the WWF web site and choose an endangered animal. produce a fact sheet, pictures to include.

  • Why is the animal endangered? Is it climate change, competition with other animals or humans, habitat destruction, disease etc.
  • Show how the animals live, where, what they eat, how much space they need.
  • What possible options are there to save them from becoming extinct?