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Pattern Changing

Pattern Changing

Pattern Changing is a ten week programme for two hours (nine weeks with a one week follow up after two months). A crèche is provided but we are no longer able to help with transport. The purpose of the course is to help women regain confidence and self- esteem, explore personal experiences and learn practical strategies to gain empowerment and to change negative patterns of behaviour into positive ones.

Topics covered are:

  • Your human rights
  • The impact of a difficult childhood
  • Living with abuse and why it is hard to leave
  • Exploring relationships with children and young people
  • Anger, guilt and grief
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Boundary setting
  • Healthy relationships
  • Future goal setting

Who is it suitable for?
For female victims of domestic abuse.
They should not still be in a relationship with the perpetrator (although they may still be in contact for child contact)
Ideally but not necessarily they would have attended Freedom Programme which is an educational programme about what domestic abuse is. They should be committed to attending all ten weeks as each week builds on the previous weeks
They will need to be prepared to consider their own experiences.

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