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Central Bedfordshire

Students at the Academy of Central Bedfordshire

Pearson BTEC Entry Level 3 Award and Certificate, and Level 1 Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma for IT Users (ITQ)

Course Duration: 2 Years

Guided Learning: Up to 2 hours per week

Course Location:

Who is the course for?

Learners of all abilities flourish when they can apply their own knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to a subject.

BTEC qualifications make explicit the link between theoretical learning and the world of work by giving learners the opportunity to apply their research, skills and knowledge to work-related contexts and case studies. These applied and practical BTEC approaches give all learners the impetus they need to achieve and the skills they require for workplace or education progression.

What will I learn?

There is a wide choice of units to choose from, including office-based applications, IT security, and IT maintenance. In addition, there are multimedia-based applications, including video software and audio software, which also complement the ITQ suite.

The ITQ offers a flexible route to achieve the skills needed for work. It is a tailored programme that can meet individual needs:

  • Using Mobile IT Devices
  • Using Email
  • Personal Information Management Software
  • Audio Software
  • Video Software
  • Design Software
  • Imaging Software
  • Drawing and Planning Software
  • Website Software

Any work experience and any previous qualifications may also count towards an ITQ.

How will I be assessed?

The overall grade for each qualification is a ‘pass’. The learner must achieve all the required units within the specified qualification structure. To pass a unit the learner must:

  • Achieve all the specified learning outcomes.
  • Satisfy all the assessment criteria by providing sufficient and valid evidence for each criterion.
  • Show that the evidence is their own.

Students’ coursework is assessed by the teacher and internally verified by another member of staff before being externally moderated by the board.

What can I do after the course?

BTECs are understood and recognised by a large number of organisations in a wide range of sectors.

BTEC qualifications are developed with key industry representatives and Sector Skills Councils (SSC) to ensure that they meet employer and learner needs — in this case, e-Skills UK SSC.

Many industry and professional bodies offer successful BTEC learners exemptions for their own accredited qualifications