The Academy of
Central Bedfordshire

Student at the Academy of Central Bedfordshire

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Course Duration: 1-2 Years

Guided Learning: Minimum 2 hours per week

Course Location: KingslandStotfold

Who is the course for?

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities enables pupils to enjoy challenging and unfamiliar experiences that test and develop their physical, social and personal skills. This course is for students who have an interest in Outdoor Education and are interested in the outdoor industry or sports leadership.

Students are given the opportunity to experience outdoor learning in a combination of both structured and un-structured lessons. All activities are fully risk assessed and are run in line with National Governing Body Award / site specific guidelines where applicable.

The course runs alongside the Princes Trust course delivered in Personal Development and PE, All activities are interactive, encouraging students to work with each other and develop their social interaction within the school environment. Students considering this course should be prepared to complete written as well as practical work.

What will I learn?

Practical outdoor skills in bush craft, climbing, canoeing/ kayaking, camp craft, team building.

  • Leadership skills through assisting with leading activity sessions for younger students.
  • The structure of the Outdoor Industry in the UK, including where different activities occur.
  • Planning skills. Team work and social skills through group work.
  • Communication and listening skills.
  • Awareness of risk and how to manage personal and group safety.
  • How to recognise when something has been successful or when improvements can be made.
  • Developing self – esteem and a positive self image by identifying strengths and areas to improve.
  • Developing the confidence to try new things.
  • Social skills through being in the real world.
  • A love for the natural environment and being in the outdoors.

How will I be assessed?

Students are assessed internally through observation of activities, witness statements, photographs and written worksheets that build a portfolio of evidence. There will be a practical assessment in which students will assist with the delivery of an Outdoor Education session with a group of younger students.

What can I do after the course?

  • Completion of this course is equivalent to a GCSE (Grades D-G).
  • Further GCSE’s – A levels – BTEC Level 1 or 2 in Outdoor Education or Sport.