The Academy of
Central Bedfordshire

Student at the Academy of Central Bedfordshire

Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1)

Course Duration: 2 years

Guided Learning: 2 hours 40 minutes per week.

Course Location: KingslandStotfold

Who is the course for?

All students in years 10 and 11 will follow the GCSE course. For some students, the GCSE course may begin in year 9.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts.
  • Acquire, select and apply mathematical techniques to solve problems.
  • Reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences, and draw conclusions.
  • Comprehend, interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context:
    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
    • Geometry and measures
    • Probability
    • Statistics

How will I be assessed?

  • Two tiers are available: Foundation and Higher (content is defined for each tier).
  • The qualification consists of three equally-weighted written examination papers at either Foundation tier or Higher tier.
  • Paper 1 is a non-calculator assessment and a calculator is allowed for Paper 2 and Paper 3.
  • Each paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Each paper has 80 marks.
  • The qualification will be graded and certificated on a nine-grade scale from 9 to 1 using the total mark across all three papers where 9 is the highest grade.
  • Foundation tier: grades 1 to 5.
  • Higher tier: grades 4 to 9 (grade 3 allowed).

What can I do after the course?

The GCSE mathematics course provides a strong foundation for further academic and vocational study and for employment, to give students the appropriate mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding to help them progress to a full range of courses in further and higher education.

This includes Level 3 mathematics courses as well as Level 3 and undergraduate courses in other disciplines such as biology, geography and psychology, where the understanding and application of mathematics is crucial.