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Careers program delivered at the ACB

Dear Parent/Carers

As part of the Careers program delivered at the ACB, during this term the Year 11 students will be working on their CV’s and researching different career pathways.
This year, due to the current Covid restrictions, a number of the colleges are running virtual tours, open days and Q&A sessions. There are a number of virtual tours available for both yourselves and the students to access to find out more about the different opportunities available.
To access one or any of these tours, please click on the link below for each college and register. On the day of the tour the college tutors will be available to chat to you online about the course, give you a tour and explain what you will be learning.
Bedford College has their Virtual open day on the 21st of November. Please follow the link and go to the bottom of the page to register. They also offer apprenticeships in a variety of different vocational subjects and industries.
Central Bedfordshire College have their Open day on the 12th November. Please click on the link to register.
Register today for early access and to be in with the chance of winning a £50 amazon voucher.
Milton Keynes College has a virtual open day on the 21st November. Please click on the link to register and there is also the chance to speak to the college tutors.
I have included a link below to a short 2 minute video of some of the different pathways the students can take. Previously, students have found this beneficial to watch together with their parents/carers and then have some conversations afterwards about the different options.
If anyone is feeling worried or has questions about the college Open days please contact myself or the school and we can discuss how we can help support further.
Kind regards,
Lynette Driver
Assistant Head
Personal Development, Attendance & Outcomes
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Telephone: 01582 343878